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Towermax.Fitness Reaction is the winner of the first ThePolys – WebXR Awards for Game of the Year. What a surprising honor, thank you very much, we are very happy about that!Many thanks to WebXR Awards for organizing and that I was allowed to be part of it! About Reaction: Reaction is a virtual reality training..

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The new section XR FitClass of Towermax.Fitness is finally out. XR FitClass are guided (animated instructor) fitness lessons with a little entertainment by the environments. A great thing of course is the GroupFit Class (HubsFit), you can workout together with friends. Currently there are fixed start times and the number of participants is limited (only..

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We are nominated twice for the WebXR Awards. Our Wind Turbine course for the Education Experience of the Year and our Towermax.Fitness Reaction for Game of the Year.

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