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Managed Virtual Events

We managing your Virtual Events

We offer you a complete virtual event, we take care of everything. Your event will be accessible online under the domain*randigit*/your-event-name. The event is based on Mozilla Hubs and is in Virtual Reality and can be visited with Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.


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Realize Your Event

Virtual Concerts
Perform a music events virtually – it can be played live or recorded to present to the audience. The virtual venue can be adapted to a special theme, the band or a product.
For example, the environment for an opera can be recreated from the real stage or from a fictitious location. Furthermore, it is possible to change during the play.
You have also the possibility to present a large orchestra.
At an electronic dance music party, lighting effects or illusions are displayed, synchronously with the music.
At a rock concert, accessories such as lighters with a flame are given to visitors during the performance.
In addition different floors with different music styles are available for the visitors for an electronic festival.
A Stand up comedian gets a feeling like being in one room.
VIP areas are also available, where the artists can meet the visitors afterwards.

Virtual Exhibition
Exhibit works of art to look at. Especially pictures work well. You can talk to interested visitors about your art and provide them information. Small events, lectures and introductions can take place. Galleries can be created specifically for the topic. Animations and music can also be used to reinforce the feeling.
Contact points can be set up where visitors can call the artists or employees.

Virtual Trade Shows
Virtual trade shows are a good opportunity to get in contact with clients and to present them products and services, answer questions and to build or maintain relationships. Several exhibitors can be presented in one hub or separate hubs are also available for different exhibitors. International exhibitors can be present without a need to travel. Various tools are offered to present products. In addition, external experiences can be offered.

Virtual Seminars
Conduct your seminars virtually. Various tools are available
like videos, Powerpoint, Graphics and 3D Objects. Direct live only works with one room, i.e. limited visitors. You can present a recorded performance in a room and and also join discussions afterwards. So you can give appearances with a delay and serve several interested parties

Virtual Info Event
Inform interested parties virtually about your topics. Organize information events and information evenings, that are not regionally bound and easy to attend. You can easily pass on information and answer questions. You can use various tools for that.

Product Launches
Publishing products virtually is a good way of selling a product to interested parties. Appearances can be sold with sales. Animations can be used to highlight the product. Questions can be answered directly or clients interests recorded.
A good way is to provide an external virtual experience which the visitor can visit afterwards.