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All musicians or recording enthusiasts will find the perfect tone with us.

Sound Production

We produce and record your sound.

The Recording, Mixing and Mastering Recording Studio ,

Our partner, the recording studio Steps2rec in Sins Aargau, offers a wide range of sound-related services.

High-quality sound recordings in all musical styles for band, choir or solo productions.

Mixing / Mix Analog or Digital. Vote for the right one through experience.

The last step, the professional mastering. Your recordings go through the entire mastering process to the final result. Even if you already have recordings, you can leave these masters.

Know How for a variety of music production, music composition and sound design. Full service with top performances around the audio production.

Composing and producing music for all ranges.

The recording studio is equipped with extensive and high-quality sound technology. Direction and recording room were and are constantly expanded and extended with high-quality equipment.

Music studio with 7 recording rooms on 400m2 surface, one of the recording rooms is big enough to have complete tape recording or choir recording.

They have lyrics and want to have music produced to them. We produce and compose your music.

Audio production for a wide range of applications and applications.


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