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You can workout with different units like: The Tower Workout Soundbased online virtual reality workout tower for boxers, martial arts and fitness enthusiasts. You workout on top of a tower, which gets higher with your good performance. There are targets to hit and objects to avoid. You need to have experience in shadow boxing and workout training. It is not easy suitable for beginners. Beginners are welcome for sure, but have to be very careful. Reaction Virtual Reality Reaction training for martial arts and beginners. Towermax Fitness Reaction is a virtual reality training simulation for martial artists to train the coordination and reaction. There are targets to be hit with fists, elbows, feet, or knees. Furthermore the training includes defensive objects for dodging and blocking. The trainings position also moves to different positions in order to practice positioning, realignments and to estimate the distances. Drill Track Online Virtual Reality Running workout Towermax Fitness Drill Track is a virtual reality running environment. It has a extend and a reduce mode. You run in a shuttle like track, which gets to different spots. You can also run a shuttle cabrio like track with different environments. Arcade XR Fighter Online Virtual Reality Fighting game You will fight against Tsu Qtana in a 2D arcade fighting game. You move your fighter with your real movements and punches. Mixed Punch Bag Online Virtual Reality Real Punch Bag training Towermax Fitness Mixed Punch Bag is a virtual reality training for martial artists to train with a real punch bag. Hubs Fit Group Fitness and Private Training on Mozilla Hubs

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