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WebXR is web-based which provides access to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, including sensors and head-mounted displays. A direct interaction with immersive hardware is essential to ensure that the Web is well-prepared for world-class citizens in this environment.

A large advantage is that the content can be experienced without installation. This makes distribution and publishing much easier. Furthermore, the updates can be distributed quickly and easily, as known from websites and web applications. Web techniques can be easily integrated and existing functions as well as existing data and systems can be used.
Also can the WebXR content be used for 3D Web content for desktop or smartphones.



Support in sales

Let your customers configure and assemble their products themselves with an online virtual reality or augmented reality configurator. Let them try their products in a desirable atmosphere. Realize a digital marketing strategy with content in the virtual world, which can be experienced directly in the browser. Customers can place their products directly into the reality via AR and look as if they were already there. Learn direct feedback and collect data for analysis. We are hosting an online event around the world for you, offering something special. Present your services directly or completely automatically with a host. Invite experts to a sales pitch, no matter where it is located, we offer the right solutions for you. Test your products before production as if they already exist. Draw conclusions and adapt the final product from the results of the analyzes. Leading customer advice from any location as if you were directly present, whether international or regional, all virtual and realistic. No need to operate a warehouse or shop to store or present all the different products or offer them to try out. Everything is available virtually and anytime, anywhere. Sell products in your VR online store that we have realized for you. Three different places, yours, the customer and the object, in the virtual world are all the same. Visit different real estate and thus shorten the travel time, experience as if you were there. Holidays or excursions before the prospective explore and experience allow. There are many sales support we can implement for you.



Virtual lessons with WebXR

Offer online courses that we have created in the virtual classroom, which can vary and adapt. Teach your students online or have an avatar teach you. Online courses Offers that the user can experience and thus absorbs the information better. Students understand the material better by learning by doing. Provide less-educated people with lessons that are more entertaining, allowing them to overcome learning disabilities. Make explanations so that they can be visited and experienced. Offer different languages for courses in real time, recite all over the world. Learning by experiencing with VR is a very efficient way to easily teach complex topics. Project explanations, additional information or content into reality with AR in order to efficiently display the information. For multiple people to present the same virtual from different perspectives to support a discussion or meeting. Give us your ideas on how a lesson can look like, we will advise you on the feasibility and implement it.



Virtualize industrial work

We create virtual prototypes for you and test them for performance and improvements before you develop a final product. Give the customer the opportunity to try out the product before series production is going to be launched, also in order to prevent any misunderstandings, to set goals or promote new ideas. It can e.g. expensive equipment and machines are simulated and used. Customers can try these directly in the browser. We realize cost-effective prototypes for you to test the efficiency. Train your employees on machines without having to stop the production. Train multiple employees at the same time without having to create apprenticeships. Conduct employee training on machines that do not even exist. Customers can decide on which days, what time they want to train their employees. Changes, content adjustments easily and quickly distribute. Train dangerous situation without putting staff at risk. Non-realistic or dangerous situations can be simulated and experienced in order to identify potential dangers and to find solutions. Test procedures and find errors virtually before they occur. In virtual space, complete environments can be easily reconfigured and customized to analyze efficiency. Employees from multiple offices around the world can help gather and analyze information. Test in advance in the different regions if something works or should be adapted locally. Perform scientific tests virtually realistically. Go through tests that can be easily customized or changed. Share these online with partners or experts to get the respective expertise and opinions. Conduct explorations from different locations. If you are planning buildings and facilities where you can preview them before they are built, find sources of error, set them up to get an overview and to make any needed adjustments early on. Connect with employees or customers in a realistic way, save travel expenses and time. Additional information, statistics, direct information on machines and systems can be displayed directly. We expand your documentation virtually, which is easily customizable. Existing systems and applications can be easily integrated. Existing web technologies are easily used. An application can be created once and used by several at the same time.



Entertain your visitors

Entertain the users with us by creating virtual reality, augmented reality or 3D games that can be executed without installation in the browser. Offer multiplayer games that can be experienced from anywhere at the same time. Spread your brand or message with entertaining and interesting playable content. Host events with competitions in the virtual world. Promote and expand your social presence. Promote challenges. Let your products or services play virtually and thus increase the awareness, arouse the interest and promote the purchase needs. Services playful potential customers, interested parties and explain.



Get fit with XR exercise

Offer your training also to the members for home. Experience group training from different locations together at the same time. Virtual instructors who give autonomous training for a single person or thousands. Offer special training experiences and atmospheres. Extend training sessions with direct additional information in real time, gaining advantages over competitors through the information advantage. Train in VR and analyze the movements in the smallest detail. We create training sessions which are tailor-made specially to your needs, with the latest opportunities you can use for analysis and performance. Perform personal training and care from and to various locations. Share your expertise online and virtually with enthusiasts, promote the performance of talented individuals or beginners. Expand your range of therapies, allow older and restricted people the possibility of sports activities that can not or no longer be practiced in reality. Train instructors and give them virtual tools to simplify and support training.


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